About us

Taste is one of our basic senses. Taste requires our special care and attention; it should not be spoilt with low-quality food. We are here to provide you with a truly royal experience for your taste and to offer you moments of relaxation and joy in everyday life.

Lublin province is one of the few regions in Poland where Nature is present in crystalline water, undisturbed ecosystem and fertile chalk soil that yields the healthiest fruits and vegetables, full of sun and vitamins.

City of Chełm is the former meeting point of Polish, Russian and Jewish cultures. Therefore we draw inspiration from their traditions and records, and our products are the heritage of this region. We share with you carefully selected yields of the land because we want you to enjoy their natural taste.

Many of the presented products are hand-made and they taste just like food we recall from our childhood. We do our best to keep the regional character of these dishes for you to enjoy their taste. We freeze pure natural products to preserve the unforgettable flavour of the yields from this land.

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